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Universe Surfing For Fun And Profit … In A Casino?

by Gregory A. Piccionelli (
       One of the questions I am asked often regarding Universe Surfing is why don’t I use it to make money gambling.  The answer is, I do!  While the “gambling” with which I use Universe Surfing “See, Believe and Do techniques is mostly stock options trading, there have been numerous times that I have demonstrated the use of Universe Surfing in a more traditional gaming environment, a casino.  In fact, as of the time of this writing I have successfully returned from Las Vegas a cash net winner on 39 consecutive trips. 

You might be wondering how it is that I could possibly engage in casino gambling and win that often.  Surely I must be lying or intend to use my lawyering skills to defend my winning status with an artful attorney’s definitional dodge.  But no, I actually do consistently win playing one particular casino game: craps.  How?  Let me first explain why craps.  

Among the games of chance in a typical casino, the house advantage in craps is among the lowest.  So prior to my application of Universe Surfing techniques to craps I preferred craps to other casino games simply because I it offered one of the best chances to win.  Also prior to my use of Universe Surfing techniques I most often utilized the advantage of betting on three dice roll outcomes: 7, which has a mathematical probability of occurring 16.67% of the time, and 6 and 8 which each have a 13.89% chance.  Even though I now I have added Universe Surfing to my game play, I still prefer those bets.   

But where exactly does the Universe Surfing part come in?  The statistical probabilities given for a roll of two dice to produce a number from 2 to 12 are mathematically indisputable. But those statistical odds assume there is only one outcome from any particular roll.  But from a Many Worlds perspective each roll produces every possible outcome.  Additionally each outcome could occur in a very large number of ways.  

Let’s look at an example, consider how the number 12 might be rolled.  Mathematically there is only 1 of 36 ways the dice can be rolled to produce that number outcome.  This corresponds to each die displaying a six.  But how many places can those two dice physically end up on a craps table while each displaying a “6”?  They could, for example, both end up at the far right end of the craps table.  But they could also end up at the far end toward the left.   They could, in fact, each each end up virtually any place on the table.  Therefore, in the multiverse predicted by the Many Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics a 12 roll of the dice in craps can be accomplished a very very large number of ways in the multiverse.

Since the Universe Surfing Hypothesis involves the use of what I believe is a new sense we all have to “see' alternate realities that actually exist and the moving of one’s consciousness to a version of oneself in a nearby universe, doing so where the object is to end up in a universe where the roll of the dice will produce a desired winning outcome should be possible if Universe Surfing is indeed possible.  Since I think Universe Surfing is indeed real, and I employ it nearly constantly, it should not be surprising that I have employed the technique to my playing of craps.  While I do not win each roll, I have found that the use of the technique provides just enough inter-universe movement of conscious awareness to almost always be a net winner within an hour or so if I focus my bets on 6,7, and 8, the most statistically likely numbers to occur.   The technique I use in my craps play often involves “place bets” on the numbers of 6 and 8 which I instruct the dealer to “turn off” when I am making a 7 bet that would cause me to lose the 6 and 8 bets if I don’t turn them off.  I also turn my bets off if I can’t easily get a 7 dice result off my mental viewing screen.  

Unavoidably, my craps play sometimes results in unusually frequent instructions to the dealer to turn my bets “on” and “off”.  As a result, sometimes my somewhat unconventional betting behavior gets the attention of people at the table because it can sometimes look like I have somehow predicted the occurrence of a 7-out roll.  It is also often noticed when I “turn off' my bets.   This is because a 7-out roll causes others to loose their place bets which they have not turned off, this often leaves my money (my bets) still on the 6 and 8 points on the table with an “off” chip while others’ bets are being scooped up by the dealer as losses.  While I am sure this is puzzling and even occasionally frustrating for some fellow players, my playing technique sometimes provokes a humorous exchange.  

For example, once late at night at the Paris casino in Las Vegas a dealer in response to a player’s complaint about serially losing his place bets to 7-out rolls said “maybe you should bet with E.T. over here, he seems to be calling off his bets just in time before somebody rolls a 7.”  

I smiled and nodded as if confirming the dealer’s recognition of my special powers.  

The dealer then joked, “I guess you got a system, huh?“  

“Yeah,” I said, “I’m counting dice.” 
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